About Us

Our Humble Story

After being honorably discharged from the Navy in 1993, Brian Gange returned home to Manchester, Maryland. Where he began working with Emory Stull Land Clearing, learning how to operate specialized clearing equipment, as well as maintaining and welding any structural cracks, mill build-up, hard-facing, and fabrication services. Over the years, these invaluable experiences set the stage for what would become a lifelong passion.

In 2017, the dream of starting a welding repair business began to take shape. A significant step was taken with the purchase of a used 1-ton flatbed. It was stripped, painted, and transformed into a mobile welding rig, marking the inception of his business. The journey started part-time helping many people with their welding and fabrication needs, gradually gaining momentum as his customer base grew.

By 2019, owner Brian Gange commitment and dedication allowed him to transition into a full-time operation. The journey didn't stop there. Investments in his craft continued, with the acquisition of a 650 Super Duty equipped with a service crane, an align boring machine, and a host of specialized tools. These additions made him faster and more versatile in providing top-notch repair, welding and fabrication services.